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Sierra Park


Sierra Park is located in the Helena Valley adjacent to Rossiter School.   

Sierra Park
1497 Sierra Road East
(Turn on Marcella Burke Drive)
Helena, MT 59624


Sunrise to one half hour after sunset.

Where To Park

Parking Guidelines

  • When space is available, please use the Sierra Park Lot at the end of Marcella Burke Drive.
  • If you are parking along the Sierra Park Lot's chain link fence, please point the nose of your vehicle towards the fence.
  • During certain events, parking may be limited. If the Sierra Park Lot is full, please park in the Rossiter NE Lot.
  • In order to provide unobstructed access to emergency personel, NEVER park your vehicle along Marcella Burke Drive or in front of the Emergency Access Gate.

Park Rules and Information

Please avoid all littering and use the provided trash receptacles as necessary.
The consumption or use of alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco is strictly prohibited on park grounds.
The use of fireworks on the park and school premises is strictly prohibited.
All motorized vehicles shall be driven or parked in designated areas only. Posted speed limits shall be adhered to at all times.
The Sierra Park site is owned by Helena School District #1. The park is a firearms-free area. The possession or discharge of a firearm on these grounds is strictly prohibited.
Animals must always be kept under control. Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their own animals. Please refer to the park map for the location of the park’s pet waste stations.
All overnight camping is strictly prohibited.
Permission to use the facility for organized events from 7 AM to 4 PM on Monday through Friday during the school year shall be obtained from the Rossiter Elementary School Principal (324-1500). Permission to use this facility for organized events at all other times shall be obtained from the Sierra Park Board.