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Giving Guide

The Gift of Time

Sierra Park is the result of countless hours of volunteer labor performed by various individuals and organizations. The Sierra Park Board is composed entirely of unpaid community servants, dedicated to the park's improvement. If you or your organization would like to offer your time or services, please contact us. We always welcome anyone interested in joining the board or helping to maintain/improve the park. For dates and times of upcoming board meetings or cleanup days, please refer to our calendar of events.

Financial Support

Sierra Park has few sources of regular income and thus relies heavily upon charitable contributions for its day-to-day operations. Your gift to the park will help to maintain its structures and grounds, pay for services (such as the park outhouses), and help to further develop the park's facilities.

You can choose to support the park through our online form (Credit Card or PayPal) or by mail:

Rossiter School
C/O Sierra Park
1497 Sierra Road East
Helena, MT

When donating via Credit Card, approximately 3% or your gift is used to pay the standard credit-card processing fee.

When you make a contribution to the park, you can select to have your name entered in our web site's published list of supporters. Processing your gift and updating the list may take some time, so please bear with us.

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